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Harvest Shears

Made in Italy for Felco, these high-quality garden shears are a pleasure to use and will provide many years of service. The blade is extremely sharp and can cut stems up to .4 inch diameter, making them perfect for vegetables, cut flowers including...
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Gardening Gloves (GG)

from $6.95
Good gardening gloves make you a better gardener, because you’re not afraid to dig in! We’ve been gardening professionally for 25 years and have tried every kind of gardening glove to come along. The Atlas Nitrile Touch gloves are absolutely...

Giant Easy Tunnel - Net Shade Cloth

Easy Tunnels protect your garden from harsh weather, animals, and pests. They use a patented one-piece design that folds neatly when not in use, and opens easily into a low tunnel over plants. When you receive the packet, just remove the tape from the...

Soft Tie

Soft Tie is a foam-covered wire that will prove invaluable in your garden. You can use it to tie together bean poles, attach tomato vines to posts, and tie up other delicate plant stems such as clematis and other climbing vines. It's 3.5 mm diameter and...
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