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Harvest Shears

Made in Italy for Felco, these high-quality garden shears are a pleasure to use and will provide many years of service. The blade is extremely sharp and can cut stems up to .4 inch diameter, making them perfect for vegetables, cut flowers including...

Dial Seed Sower

This little gizmo is much more useful than it appears. It allows you to control the flow of seeds for more accurate placement in a seed flat or outside in a row. The dial rotates to five different size outlets for dispensing seeds.

Due Cigni Grafting Knife (DC-5)

Small black grafting knife with a sharp stainless steel blade.  Raised nipple on the back of the blade for opening a slit in the bark of a grape or tree cutting when grafting. Solid, black plastic handle.  Makes a nice gift for the gardener,...

Due Cigni Grape / Herb Shears (DC-1)

These stainless steel grape and herb shears are small and will be out of the way, but there when you need them. Pleasurable to use. Comes with a small black plastic case for your belt. Great gift for a gardener, flower grower, chef, viticulturist, or...

Due Cigni Runcola/ Billhook knife (DC-3)

Stainless steel billhook knife with a wood handle. Larger, more substantial version of the red pocket model.  Billhooks are traditional cutting tool used widely in agriculture and forestry for cutting smaller woody material such as shrubs and...

Due Cigni Small Gardening Knife (DC-2)

This small gardening knife made by Due Cigni in Maniago, Italy, is perfect for the gardener or farmer and fits easily into your pocket. The stainless steel blade folds conveniently into a beautiful wood handle.  Makes a beautiful gift.  6.5...

Due Cigni Small Runcola/ Billhook knife (DC-4)

A small billhook knife with a stainless steel blade and bright red plastic handle. Fits easily into a pocket. Billhooks are traditional cutting tools used widely in agriculture and forestry for cutting smaller woody material such as shrubs and branches...

Garden Marker Pen

Unlike “permanent” markers, which usually fade by the end of summer, the ink in these markers is weather-proof and will remain legible. Use the garden marker pen on wood, plastic, fabric, glass, ceramic, or painted surfaces. Eco-friendly,...

Gardening Gloves (GG)

Good gardening gloves make you a better gardener, because you’re not afraid to dig in! We’ve been gardening professionally for 25 years and have tried every kind of gardening glove to come along. The Atlas Nitrile Touch gloves are absolutely...

Ground Pegs (12 pack)

Ground pegs of rust-proof galvanized stainless steel are very useful for staking jobs in the garden. Pegs are 6.3" long. 12 pegs per packet.

Soft Tie

Soft Tie is a foam-covered wire that will prove invaluable in your garden. You can use it to tie together bean poles, attach tomato vines to posts, and tie up other delicate plant stems such as clematis and other climbing vines. It's 3.5 mm diameter and...

Trellis Net

Forget the heavy wire trellis -- instead, stretch this green fiber net between posts to support peas, beans, flowering vines, and other lightweight crops. The squares in the net are 5.25”. Each package contains a net 5’ x 30’.

Wood Plant Labels

You’ll never lose track of what is planted if you use garden markers. These are biodegradable untreated pine or fir. 24 markers per pack. 4-inch wood plant label $3.506-inch wood plant label $3.75