Cabbage San Michelle (33-15)

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Cabbage San Michelle (ex. Verza di Verona). Regional savoy type cabbage from Northern Italy. Green crinkly tender leaves with some red in the center. Very striking plant. Large firm heads. For spring or fall, but best for fall. Good storage and will hold well in the ground during cold weather. Taste actually improves with cold weather. 80-90 days. 6 gram packet, approximately 1200 seeds.


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26th Jun 2017

This is my favorite cabbage!

When I ordered the seeds, it was because of the way the cabbage looked... they get pretty big, and they are delicious!

Paul in Vermont 15th Nov 2012

The most beautiful cabbage imaginable

This superb variety produces large heads of high quality, and they are beautiful as well. An excellent main crop cabbage. Holds in the field until early November in Vermont by which time the heads are glowing purple. Tender and delicious when cooked, and performs better in a hard year than other varieties I have grown. Heads up like a trooper after Labor Day.

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