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Agretti (140-99)

PLEASE NOTE: Agretti is rare because the seed has very short viability- plant in spring within three months of receipt. The seed will likely not be viable come fall.  ORDER NOW. Also known as Barba di Frate, Salsola Soda, and Roscano, Agretti is an...

Artichoke, Violetta (21-2)

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Artichoke Violetta. Rich violet/purple color. Delicate taste. Prefers light/fertile soil (mostly for drainage). You may get some artichokes the first year depending on your climate. Plants produce for at least three years. 3 gram packet, approx. 60 seeds.

Arugula Olive Leaf Franchi (DBOS 115-4)

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Arugula Olive Leaf Franchi. Olive-leaf shaped leaves. Wild arugula. Intensely aromatic, delicate, spicy, early and mid-sized. 3 gram pack. Approx. 1,000 seeds. To see our growing guide for arugula, click here.

Arugula Ortolani, Market Grower (115-3)

from $4.50
Arugula, selezione Ortolani. A Franchi Special Selection of cultivated arugula. It is more regular than the standard cultivated arugula. More consistent taste, color, and growth habit. A bit more mild taste than regular cultivated arugula. Ideal for...

Arugula/Rucola Cultivated 115-1

from $3.50
Arugula/Rucola/Rocket. Whichever name you use, arugula has become an essential ingredient in salads. It is nutty, spicy, and slightly peppery. Make frequent plantings every 2-3 weeks for continuous harvest, and cut it when the leaves are still small, 4-6...

Arugula/Rucola Selvatica-Wild Arugula (115-5)

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Arugula/Rucola Selvatica (Wild Arugula). Compared to regular arugula, it is slower growing (50 days), with more deeply lobed leaves and a more pungent taste. Scatter seeds about 1 inch apart. Harvest at any stage but best when baby: 3-4 inches. Make...

Asparagus Precoce d'Argenteuil (5-1)

Arparagus Precoce d'Argenteuil. Early. Light green big spears with purplish scales. Asparagus beds produce for 20 or more years. Easy to grow; rust resistance. These are seeds; USDA will not allow import of root stock. Starting from seed  means it...

Bean Anellino di Trento (59-26)

Anellino di Trento, aka Anellino Marmorizzato. This is a curved bush anellino bean. Green with red/brown mottling. Roma taste. Very attractive bean. North Italian specialty item. 100 gram pack (3.5 ounces). To see our growing guide for beans, click here.

Bean Anellino Verde (57-17)

Green pole bean from Northern Italy. Roma flavor. Bean has a curve, kind of a slight semi-circle. Good taste. Excellent producer. Very fancy bean. Favored by chefs. For market growers, try growing all three pole types: the yellow, green & variegated...

Bean Bobis a Grano Nero (57-15)

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Bean Bobis a Grano Nero. This is the famous black-seeded blue lake bean which has a reputation for excellent taste. Productive pole bean produces many round green beans with no strings and excellent taste. For some reason, seed for this is really hard to...

Bean Boby Bianco (59-16)

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Bean Boby Bianco. Green bush French type bean. Plant 1 seed 1-2 inches deep every 2 inches after soil has warmed up in rows 12 inches apart. Pick when thick as a pencil. 55 days. Make small plantings every 10 days for continuous harvest. Cook with olive...

Bean Borlotto Lamon (55-18)

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Boriotto Bean Lamon from Venice. Brownish/white pods, cream colored beans with red flecks. Vigorous grower, heavy producer, excellent taste. Famous all over Italy. Use as fresh shell beans although you can allow them to grow out as drying beans. Pick...

Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco - Bush Type (56-6)

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Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco — Tongue of Fire. Bush type shell bean for soups or fresh cooked beans. Plant after soil has warmed up (a week or so before setting out tomatoes). Plant 1 seed 1 inch deep every 2 inches, in rows 12 inches apart. Thin...