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Seeds from Italy is a member of the Safe Seed Initiative, which means we have pledged to never knowingly buy or sell genetically modified seeds or plants.


Seeds from Italy is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Franchi Seeds, Italy's oldest family-owned seed company, founded in 1783. We sell more than 500 varieties of Italian heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Franchi Seeds is known worldwide for the quality of its seeds, resulting in high germination rates, vigorous plants, and delicious food. Franchi's seed packets are big and beautiful — generous seed counts and full-color photographs of every variety. Our seeds are untreated, most are open-pollinated, and many are certified organic.


Will Italian seeds grow here? YES! These seeds grow well all over the United States. We know you will be delighted with the produce from your garden when you grow our seeds.