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Parsley Commune 2 (108-1)

Flat leaf parsley. Smaller leaves and plants than Gigante di Napoli. Flavor may be a bit more intense than Napoli. Start from seed or transplants. 75-80 days from seed, 50 or so from transplants. For transplants, start 3-5 seeds per cell 8 weeks before...

Parsley Gigante di Napoli (108-2)

$3.50 - $31.00
Parsley Giant of Naples. Very large flat-leaf variety from Naples with incredible flavor. Plants are large with strong, long stalks and large leaves. Start from seed or transplants. Leaves grow back stronger after cutting. 75-80 days. Very cold hardy...

Parsley Nano Ricciuto 2 (108-3)

$3.50 - $4.50
A 12 inch, curly-leaved, dark green Italian parsley. Good pot plant for indoor use. Harvest continually. Can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen. Parsley is slow to germinate, but will do so reliably. 8 gram packet, Approx. 4,000 seeds...