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Pumpkin Moscade de Provence (145-18)

Pumpkin, Moscade de Provence. From France. Good sized squash run 10-15 pounds. Fruits are flattened, deeply ribbed, green turning to brown/orange when ripe. Very sweet flesh. Excellent storage. 4 gram packet. Approximately 8-15 seeds per gram.

Pumpkin Rouge Vif d'Etamps (aka Cinderella) (145-21)

Rouge Vif d'Etamps. Large winter pumpkin that runs 15-20 pounds. Fruit are flat, heavily ribbed, have red/orange skin and are 15" or so in diameter. Very good taste. For pies, risotto, soups. 3 gram packet. Approximately 8-15 seeds per gram.

Winter Squash Assortment (145-6)

Winter Squash collection. The mixed winter squash is an assortment, and they aren't individually labeled. These are popular in Italy. It is 20 grams of seed, all the squash you could ever want or need. Moreover, they are not just winter squash,...

Winter Squash Berrettina Piacentina (145-7)

A round grey/green heirloom squash from Northern Italy. Tasty yellow/orange flesh. Slightly smaller than Padana (3-5 pounds for the most part). 105 days. 5 gram packet. Approximately 7-15 seeds per gram.

Winter Squash Lunga di Napoli (145-12)

Winter Squash also known as Piena di Napoli. Very large fruits, ranging from 30 to 70 pounds! It has a cylindrical shape like a butternut squash, with a cavity only at the bottom of the fruit. Grey-green skin with orange stripes when mature. The flesh is...

Winter Squash Marina di Chioggia (145-2)

Winter Squash Marina di Chioggia. Very old variety from near Venice. 4-5 pound round fruit, grey/green knobby skin with sweet orange flesh. Essential for great soup, gnocchi, roasting. Excellent keeper. 105 days. 5 gram packet. Approximately 7-15...

Winter Squash Marmellata (Jam Pumpkin) (145-27)

Also known as Jaune Gros de Paris. Pumpkin for making jam. Widely used in Italy to produce pumpkin jam & preserves. It has a yellow skin, somewhat blistered and a bit flat. Extremely sweet orange flesh which is excellent for preserves or for eating...

Winter Squash Padana (145-13)

Winter Squash Tonda Padana aka Americana Tondo. One of the most beautiful of the winter squashes. It has alternating grey and green stripes with orange ribs. The orange flesh is sweet and dry, great for soup, gnocchi, and roasting. So pretty you can use...

Winter Squash Quintale seme Giallo (145-1)

Winter Squash Quintale seme Giallo. Bright orange, pumpkin-shaped winter squash. Fruits run 5 pounds and up. Sweet, dry, orange flesh. Use as Halloween pumpkin, then cook. Keeps well. 100 days. 4 gram packet. Approximately 7-15 seeds per gram.