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Eggplant Linda/Spany (90-49)

from $4.50
Hybrid. Sometimes called Linda, sometimes called Spany. This is a really lovely eggplant- very long, slim, and purple with a slight curve. 80 days. Great taste & production. 0.2 gram packet, approximately 40 seeds.

Eggplant Prosperosa (90-15)

from $4.50
Eggplant Prosperosa. Franchi Special Selection. Large, round, lavender-purple fruit. Beautiful and tastes as good as it looks. Good producer. 70-78 days. 3 gram packet, approximately 600 seeds.

Eggplant Tonda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa (90-43)

from $4.50
Also called Romanesca. Big, very round eggplant; 3-4 inches wide & 4-5 inches tall. A rose-violet fading to white. Lovely fruit with excellent taste. Very high yielding. 80 days. Start transplants 10 weeks before frost-free date. 3 gram packet,...

Eggplant Violetta Lunga (90-1)

from $3.50
"Long Purple." 8-inch-long, rustic, deep purple eggplant. Grown all over Italy. Classic rich eggplant taste. Good producer, reliable. 70 days. 3 gram packet, approximately 600 seeds.