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Basil Italiano Classico - Certified Organic (13-2B)

Italian Classic Basil. Our most popular variety is this sweet basil. Same strain that made pesto famous world wide. The region of Genoa got an Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP) trademark that limits the use of the name Genovese to basil grown in a...

Cannellino Bean - Organic 56-7B

Organic. Small white beans for soups & stews. Bush. Easy to grow. 65 days. You can pick them small and use as a fresh bean if you wish. Plant after soil has warmed up well. One seed every two inches, 3/4 inch deep. Space rows 12 inches. Thin to one...

Chicory Grumolo Verde - Certified Organic (40-2B)

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Chicory Grumolo Verde. Certified Organic. THE 500 GRAM BULK OPTION IS NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC. ONLY THE SMALL PACK IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Dark green head with rosette. In spring, 30 days to baby, 50 days to full size. If grown for fall harvest, initial...