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Beet Detroit - Certified Organic (11-10B)

An heirloom that is standard for the home gardener. Dark red flesh, smooth skin, sweet flavor. 3" beets. 6 gram pack. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram. To see our growing guide for beets, click here.

Chard Verde de Taglio -- Certified Organic (14-1B)

Chard Verde da Taglio. Certified Organic. Green cut & come again. Very thin stems, incredibly sweet & tender leaves. Harvest outer leaves or simply cut the entire plant as it will regrow. Tastes as good as spinach. Spring, summer & fall; will...

Chicory Grumolo Verde - Certified Organic (40-2B)

Chicory Grumolo Verde. Certified Organic. THE 500 GRAM BULK OPTION IS NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC. ONLY THE SMALL PACK IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Dark green head with rosette. In spring, 30 days to baby, 50 days to full size. If grown for fall harvest, initial...