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Chicory Grumolo Verde - Certified Organic (40-2B)

from $4.00
Chicory Grumolo Verde. Certified Organic. THE 500 GRAM BULK OPTION IS NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC. ONLY THE SMALL PACK  IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC.  Dark green head with rosette. In spring, 30 days to baby, 50 days to full size. If grown for fall harvest,...

Garlic Bianco Piacenza - Certified Naturally Grown - Softneck

from $12.95
This year's winner of Most Beautiful Variety! Large, white, firm bulbs are absolutely gorgeous. Bianco Piacenza is a white softneck variety named for the city in northern Italy. An artichoke type with numerous small cloves wrapped around the center...

Garlic Bianco Spagnolo - Certified Naturally Grown - Softneck

from $12.95
Bianco Spagnolo (White Spanish) is a softneck variety with beautiful, large white bulbs. Medium heat. These are some of the best-looking bulbs we have ever sold. One unit is approximately a half-pound. 2-3 bulbs per unit.  Certified Naturally...