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Artichoke di Romagna / Roman (21-98)

Artichoke di Romagna —  Medium-large flower buds well covered with fleshy scales, without prickles. Great taste.  Comes from Puglia which is famous for its vegetables. It is the star of its own Artichoke festival in the fall.  Needs...

Artichoke Grosso Romanesco (21-99)

Big Romanesco Artichoke from Rome. Very rich purple color with large round heads. Excellent taste. Slightly later than Violetta. Non-hardy perennial.  In the north, treat as figs in the fall. Not Franchi Seed.  3 grams Artichoke seeds are...

Artichoke Violetto (21-2)

$3.50 - $28.00
Artichoke Violetta. Rich violet/purple color. Delicate taste. Prefers light/fertile soil (mostly for drainage). You may get some artichokes the first year depending on your climate. Plants produce for at least three years. 3 gram packet, approx. 60 seeds...