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Zucchetta Rugosa Friulana (146-54)

$3.50 - $16.65
Zucchetta Rugosa Friulana — Wrinkled from Friuli. 40-60 days to maturity from seed. These produce an abundance of light yellow, "warty" fruit. They aren't beautiful, but they taste great and the flowers hold extremely well. This is the most common...

Zucchetta Serpent of Sicily/Cucuzza (146-43)

$4.50 - $16.65
Zucchetta Serpente di Sicilia - Serpent of Sicily. Sometimes called cucuzze or gagootza. It is actually a gourd (it has white flowers rather than yellow like squash), but is grown and eaten like a summer squash. Much favored by people from Southern Italy...

Zucchini - Lungo Bianco di Sicilia (VXO 146-46)

$3.50 - $12.50
Long white zucchini from Sicily. Light green (almost white) fruit. Will grow quite long (8-10 inches) and stay thin. Some ribbing when large but none when small. Very early good producer with very good taste. It is a bit of a runner, so space them at...

Zucchini Alberello of Sarzana (146-40)

$3.50 - $12.50
Zucchini Alberello di Sarzana - Little Tree of Sarzana. Light green fruit with white speckles. Some ribbing. Delicate flavor. Large plant, good producer over a long season; seems to have some resistance to powdery mildew. Many blossoms for cooking. 50-55...

Zucchini Bolognese (146-41)

$3.50 - $12.50
Short, thick fruit, almost halfway between a typical zucchini and a round one. Medium green with light speckling. No ribs. Same great taste and texture as all Italian zucchini. This is the favorite zucchini of the Franchi agent in London. 55-60 days...

Zucchini Genovese (146-10)

$3.50 - $11.95
Zucchini Genovese. Light green fruit. No ribbing. Very nice flavor. Large plant, good producer of many fruits and blossoms. 55 days. 8 gram packet; approximately 45-50 seeds. Approximately 2-10 seeds per gram.

Zucchini Lunga Fiorentino (146-52)

$3.50 - $11.95
Long of Florence. Long, ribbed, lightish green fruit with speckles from the region around Florence. Fruit is a bit square. Reputation is that it holds flowers well. A very heavy producer with good taste. This came highly recommended by several customers...

Zucchini Romanesco (146-11)

$3.50 - $12.50
This is a big plant, as are most Italian zucchini. This is a good producer of grey/green fruit with very prominent ribs. Produces lots of flowers over a long season. Can be transplanted for an early crop, but you need to be careful not to disturb the...

Zucchini Striato d'Italia (146-2)

$3.50 - $48.00
Zucchini Striato d'Italia - Italian Stripe. Dark green fruit with light green stripes and small ribbing. Excellent taste, many flowers, large plant. Vigorous, good producer and does well in cool weather. Good eating quality up to 10-12 inches, but best...

Zucchini Tondo di Piacenza (146-17)

$3.50 - $12.50
Zucchini Tondo di Piacenza - Round of Parma. Dark green round zucchini. Great stuffed, sliced and cooked on the grill, fried, or as a substitute for eggplant. Pick when no bigger than a baseball or softball for best quality. 55 days. 5 gram packet;...

Zucchini Tondo Nizza (146-18)

Zucchini Tondo Nizza - Round of Nice. Similar to Piacenza but light green rather than dark green. Very thin skin so handle carefully. Pick when no larger than a baseball or softball, before the skin begins to darken up. Grill, stuff, fry, use in...