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Fennel Finocchio Mantovano (62-6)

$3.50 - $15.50
Fennel Mantovano. One of the larger fennels, this one has a round very white bulb. Earlier than most fennels. Very sweet with a nice texture. 75-85 Days. Does best in fall. Best grown from direct seeding (2-3 seeds every six to eight inches, thin to...

Fennel Finocchio Montebianco (62-17)

$3.50 - $15.50
Fennel Montebianco. Mid-size bulb. White & very round. Solid stalks. Very tasty & crisp. This variety seems to be a bit earlier than most of the other fennels. Like all fennel, it prefers the cool of autumn, but will grow reasonably well in the...

Fennel Romanesco (62-5)

$3.50 - $15.50
Fennel Romanesco. Classic fennel from Rome. Large head with thick, tightly wrapped stalks. Great taste. Try roasting it with olive oil. Grow in spring & fall. 85 days. 7 gram packet. Approximately 300 seeds per gram.

Wild Fennel (Flowering) / Finocchio Selvatico (62-18)

$3.50 - $34.40
Wild Fennel. This variety is grown for its leaves, pollen, and seeds; it does not make bulbs. Wild fennel fronds are used for flavoring fish and soups. Pollen from the pretty yellow flowers is considered a delicacy and is used for its intense flavor...