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Cucumber Soap (ND-10)

One of six fragrances in the Horto Botanica line of natural soaps, Cucumber is described as nourishing and moisturizing. NESTI DANTE of Florence is one of the most famous soapmakers in the world, with 60 years experience creating luxurious, all-natural...
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Gardener's Hand Soap

When you are done gardening for the day, wash your hands with this vegetable soap from Italy. It has rice bran and ground olive pits to scrub your hands clean, and olive oil to make them soft. Contains other botanical ingredients and a light olive...

Il Frutteto Gift Soap Collection

The Il Frutteto Gift Set includes a smaller bar (5.3 oz.) of each of the six scents in the fruit fragranced line. They are packaged in a transparent box ornamented with a Nesti Dante ribbon for an elegant gift ready to present. NESTI DANTE of...

Orchidea Orchid Soap

Orchid is one of six fragrances in the Fiori Line of all-natural soaps.  Green Paradise is our new line of all-natural flower and fruit soaps made in Bergamo, the home of Franchi Seeds. These beautiful soaps are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging...

Romantica Gift Soap Collection

Nesti Dante soaps are luxurious yet practical gifts. This gift set includes six bars of natural soap, 5.3 oz each, one of each fragrance blend:  Noble Cherry Blossom & Basil Royal Lily & Narcissus Tuscan Wisteria & Lilac Florentine...