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Leek/Porro Gigante d'Inverno (107-23)

$3.50 - $5.80
Gigante d'Inverno — Giant Winter Leek. Large storage type leek. Big plant, blue/green tops, white bottoms with a bit of a bulb at the end. 120 days or so. Cold resistant. Approximately 1000 seeds. Best to grow from transplants started 8-9 weeks...

Onion Barletta (42-1)

$3.50 - $35.00
Onion Barletta. Small white onion, no more than 3/4 inch in diameter. Early. Great with peas in the spring. Pickle, use on skewers, whole in soups and roasted. Direct seed and use thinnings in salads or use transplants. 4 gram packet. To see our growing...

Onion Borettana (43-2)

$3.50 - $35.00
Onion Borettana. Light yellow very flat cipolla type onion. Not as dark a skin as Piatta of Bergamo. Good fresh or cooked. 2 inches in diameter. Long day type. An old, old variety originating in the 1400s, near the town of Boretto, not far from Parma,...

Onion Genovese (42-5)

Onion di Genova. Genovese. Also called bassano. Mild red cipolla type, flatter than Savona. Will grow 2 inches across, but can be picked younger. Like most Italian onions, this is a 'long day' onion and will not develop large heads if grown south of 36...

Onion Lunga di Firenze (42-23)

$3.50 - $35.00
Onion Lunga de Firenze — Long of Florence. Long (4 inch) narrow red onion. Wider in middle than the ends. Mild, sweet taste. Beautiful. Medium/long day type. Mid season harvest. Use in salads, grilled or on skewers. Direct seed or transplant. 4...

Onion Piatta of Bergamo (43-1)

Onion Piatta of Bergamo. From the hometown of Franchi Sementi. Small, very flat brown/red cipolla type onion. Medium/long day. For cooking or salads. Direct seed or transplant. 3 gram packet. To see our growing guide for onions, click here.

Onion Savona (42-26)

Onion Rossa Savonese. Savona. Mild reddish/pink, somewhat flat onion. Medium/long day type. Mid season. Great in salads, pick young for skewers. From transplants or direct seed. 2.5 gram packet. To see our growing guide for onions, click here.
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Onion Stoccarda (42-42)

Onion Stoccarda Sel. Larosa. Interesting shape.  A long day onion, but grown in Southern Italy.  An excellent storage variety.  Can be direct seeded in the spring.  NOT FRANCHI SEED.  5 gram packet, approx. 1,250 seeds. To see...

Onion Tropea Rossa Tonda (43-22)

$3.50 - $35.00
This is one of the most famous onions in Italy and is the central point of a food festival, the Onion Festival of Tropea in July. Medium long day type, mid season. Round, red/pink on outside, becomes white in the center. If picked as baby, it is all...