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Cucumber Beit (Beth) Alpha (38-16)

from $3.50
Cucumber Beit Alpha. These mideast type cucumbers have a very thin skin, absolutely no bitterness, are mild, productive over a long season, one of the earliest to produce, and should go until a frost. In short, they are one of the best all-around...

Cucumber Lungo Verde Ortolani (37-7)

from $3.50
Cucumber Lungo Verde degli Ortolani. Long, dark green cucumber that grows to 10". Excellent taste. Crisp. Very Productive. Trellis for straightest fruit. Approximately 150 seeds.

Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi (38-2)

from $3.50
Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi. Green pickler 3-4 inches long. One of the first cucumbers to produce fruit and produces over a long season. I had six or seven plants on a trellis this past summer; I could not give away all that they produced. Was still...

Cucumber Viridis (39-13)

Cucumber Viridis F1. One of our few Hybrids.  A "European type" cucumber. Franchi Special Selection. Very long (12-14 inches) and slim. Dark green skin. Sweet, crispy and no bitterness. 65 days. Grow on trellis for long, straight fruit. This is a...
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