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Cucumber Beit (Beth) Alpha (38-16)

$3.50 - $28.00
Cucumber Beit Alpha. These mideast type cucumbers have a very thin skin, absolutely no bitterness, are mild, productive over a long season, one of the earliest to produce, and should go until a frost. In short, they are one of the best all-around...

Cucumber Lungo Verde Ortolani (37-7)

Cucumber Lungo Verde degli Ortolani. Long, dark green cucumber that grows to 10". Excellent taste. Crisp. Very Productive. Trellis for straightest fruit. Approximately 150 seeds. To see our growing guide for cucumbers, click here.

Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi (38-2)

Cucumber Piccolo di Parigi. Green pickler 3-4 inches long. One of the first cucumbers to produce fruit and produces over a long season. Very nice taste. Use fresh or for pickles. If using transplants, start 3 weeks before the set-out date, which should...

Cucumber Viridis (39-13)

Cucumber Viridis F1. One of our few Hybrids.  A "European type" cucumber. Franchi Special Selection. Very long (12-14 inches) and slim. Dark green skin. Sweet, crispy and no bitterness. 65 days. Grow on trellis for long, straight fruit. This is a...
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