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Spinach America (127-18)

from $3.50
Spinach America. Dark green crinkly leaves. Sweet taste. Good resistance to bolting, but like all spinach requires cool weather so plant in spring or fall. Late fall crop will normally overwinter. 40 days. 13 gram packet, approximately 850 seeds.

Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (127-9)

from $3.50
Spinach Gigante d'Inverno (Winter Giant). Very large, glossy dark green leaves which are pointed. Resistant to cold. Large plant, excellent taste and texture, heavy production. 13 gram packet. Approximately 900 seeds. Late summer & fall planting...

Spinach Matador (127-13)

from $3.50
Spinach Matador. Dark green plant, very smooth leaves. Excellent taste. Nice for salad mixes. 47-50 days. 13 gram packet. Approximately 900 seeds.

Spinach Merlo Nero (127-20)

from $3.50
Spinach Merlo Nero. Bright green crinkled leaves. Big plant. Excellent taste. Like all spinach it does well only in cool weather, so plant in spring and fall. A late fall crop will normally winter over without protection for an early spring crop. 40-45...