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Pea Marvel of Italy (101-9)

Bush pea, very productive, with many peas per pod. $6.95 for 185 grams. Approximately 4-5 seeds per gram. To see our growing guide for peas, click here.

Pea Mezza Rama Rondo -- Certified Organic (104-9B)

Wrinkled pea. Certified Organic. This is a really nice pea. Not an edible pod. Can be grown in spring or fall depending on the region. Plant in rows or in beds. If rows, sow band 3-5" wide, one pea every 2", planting about an inch deep. Plants benefit...

Pea Piccolo Provenzale (101-2)

A dwarf variety, grows about 36" tall. Tiny, incredibly sweet peas with 6-8 peas per pod. A memorable experience cooked with pancetta. 55-60 days. A packet is about 2.5 ounces and has approximately 300 seeds. Approximately 4-5 seeds per gram. Packet: 50...

Pea Telefono (100-1)

Pea Telefono. Climbing pea grows 5-6 feet. Large pods with 7-10 peas per pod. Excellent taste and high production. Grow on trellis, fence, etc. 62-68 days. 70 gram packet (approximately 300 seeds) or 100 gram packet (approximately 400 seeds)...