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Endive Cuor d'Oro (75-4)

$3.50 - $23.00
Endive Cuor d'Oro - Golden Heart. Early. Nice sized head, loose leaves. Dark green with golden center. Good cooked in salads and soups. If you want a really white center, blanch the heart by covering with bucket or tying up top 10 days or so before...

Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio (75-10)

$3.50 - $6.70
Endive Riccia Romanesco da Taglio. A cut and come again endive from Rome. Thin serrated dark green leaves with classic endive taste and texture. Space at 4" between plants, 8" between rows. 40-45 days. Plant grows in a small upright bunch which is easy...

Endive Ruffec (75-98)

Endive Ruffec. Heirloom. Large head, very fine frilly leaves, large white stems. 75 or so days. Direct seed or use transplants Great cooked or in salads. Best for fall. Set out 5-6 week transplants 60 days before desire harvest or direct seed 80 or so...
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Escarole Bionda Cuore Pieno (121-2)

Escarole Bionda Cuore Pieno — Blond Full Heart. Much lighter than Green Full head. Turns 'blond', especially if blanched. Like most escaroles/endives it does best in cool weather if you are growing full heads. Grow anytime for salads. You cannot...

Escarole Cornetto Bordeaux (121-5)

$3.50 - $6.70
Escarole Cornetto Bordeaux. Large upright, almost heading type, with full white ribs and green leaves. Easy to grow. Excellent taste. Use in soups, salads or cook. Best for fall if growing full sized heads; can be grown in spring, especially if using...

Escarole Verde a Cuore Pieno (121-3)

Escarole Verde a Cuore Pieno — Green Full Heart. Mid season. Very large loose leaf head. Golden yellow heart with deep green outer leaves. Best for fall. To blanch heart, tie leaves up with twine 10-12 days before harvest. Great for salad, soup. 10...

Misticanza Endive and Escarole (93-3)

$3.50 - $6.70
Misticanza di Indivie e Scarole (Endive and Escarole Mix). A good cold weather mixture of 10 or more endives and escaroles. Outstanding salad mix either by itself or mixed in with some lettuce mix. Broadcast sow in a bed from 3 weeks before last frost...