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Peperoncino Stromboli (97-110)

Stromboli Pepper. Named for the famous island volcano. A hot chili pepper variety producing bunches of small, upward pointing green fruit that eventually turn orange. Good container plant. 1.4 grams, approx. 40-60 seeds.

Pepper Corno di Toro Giallo (97-14)

Corno di Toro Giallo - "Yellow Horn of the Bull." 6—8 inches long, 2 inches wide. Very sweet pepper with thin skin and thick walls. Ideal to stuff, fry or grill. Bears heavily. 60 days green, 75-85 days to color. 1.5 gram packet, approximately 225...

Pepper Corno di Toro Rosso (97-7)

$3.50 - $32.00
Pepper Corno di Toro. Horn of the Bull. Red. 8" long, 2-3 inches wide. Very sweet pepper with thin skin and thick walls. Brilliant red when ripe. Ideal to stuff, fry or grill. Bears heavily. 65 days green, 75-85 days red. Approximately 225 seeds...

Pepper Giallo d'Asti (97-1)

$3.50 - $34.40
Pepper Giallo d'Asti - Yellow from Asti. Classic large square yellow pepper from Piemonte. Big fruit, excellent production, sweet taste. Roast on the grill, remove skin & slice. Nice color combination when cooked together with Red Asti. 60-65 days...

Pepper Lombardo (97-16)

Pepper Lombardo. Long, green, slim, very sweet frying pepper; red, yellow or orange when ripe. Large plant, space about 18 inches apart. Peppers are 5-6 inches long, 3/4-1 inch wide. Very thin skin. Can also pickle or dry them. 70 or so days. 1.5 gram...
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Pepper Marconi Giallo (97-96)

Pepper- Marconi Giallo. A much-prized Italian heirloom. Fruit are slender and 6-7" long with 3 lobes. They become yellow as they ripen and should be harvested at that stage. They seem to continue ripening on to red. Let us know your experience. Extremely...

Pepper Marconi Rosso (97-95)

Pepper - Marconi Rosso. 9-12 inch long, 3" wide block sweet pepper. Three lobes. Deep red when ripe. 80 or so days to maturity from transplants. Big plant. Very productive. 3 gram packet, approximately 400 seeds. Not Franchi seed. Approximately 150-200...

Pepper Padron (97-38)

$3.50 - $22.00
This is an interesting pepper and very popular. It produces a large quantity of small (1 1/2 or 2 inches by 2 or 3 inches) green peppers which are mostly sweet and mild when young, although a small percentage of them are hot. As they get mature, more...