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Dwarf Yellow Sunflower (329-2)

Sunflower - Girasole Nano Giallo a Fiore Pieno. Pretty yellow shaggy 4" flowers. Suitable for beds or pots. Final height depends on how you grow them. If you grow them in six inch pots, they will be much smaller than if grown in a bed. 24-30 inches if...

Giant Sunflower Mix (329-1)

Sunflower - Girasole Ornamentale Multicolor. Annual. A really lovely mix of tall sunflowers. 90-110 days. Seeds germinate in 2-10 days at 70-75 degrees. Resents transplanting; recommend direct seeding. Plant 3-4 seeds every 12-14 inches, thin to one...

Sunflower Sunspot (329-3)

Sunflower - Girasole Nanissimo Sunspot. A lovely dwarf sunflower, reaching only 36" if planted in garden and smaller in pots. 90 days. Direct seed or use transplants, but direct seeding is preferred. Plant outside after last frost date, 2-3 seeds every...