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Melon Charentais (91-5)

$3.50 - $21.50
Melon. Charentais. Classic European melon. 90 days. Sweet orange flesh, thin skin. Fairly easy to grow. Ripe when small pointed leaf on stem where attached to fruit becomes pale in color. 5 gram packet. To see our growing guide for melons, click...

Melon Zatta (91-28)

$3.50 - $24.95
Not the most beautiful, but one of the tastiest. Italians call it brutto ma buono - ugly but good. Orange and green skin with scales, but great tasting orange flesh. One large grower in California says the fine dining restaurant in San Francisco can't...

Watermelon Asahi Miyako Hybrid F1 (3-5)

$4.50 - $20.00
This Japanese melon is so great that we had to carry it. A California melon grower reports it is one of the sweetest and best melons he has grown. These seeds are hard to get and very expensive. This is a hybrid seed. 75-85 days depending on your climate...

Watermelon Janosik (3-32)

Janosik watermelon comes to us from Poland; it is named in honor of a folklore hero, a Robin Hood type of character. It is one of the very best yellow watermelons, with crisp flesh, never mealy, and very sweet. Melons are generally round, though some may...
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