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Carrot Berlicum 2 (23-15)

$3.50 - $6.50
Very popular and reliable carrot. Long, crunchy with an excellent taste. Good storage. 80 or so days to maturity. 7 gram packet. Approximately 400-1200 seeds per gram.

Carrot Chantenay (23-37)

Carrot Chantenay. Very old French heirloom variety famous for their sweet 'carroty' flavor. Crunchy and bright orange. Do well in heavy soil. Not the most beautiful carrot in the world, but the taste more than makes up for it! 8 gram packet...

Carrot Flakkee 2 (23-13)

$3.50 - $6.85
Carrot Flakkee 2. Conical shape which does well in heavy soil. Excellent taste. Very crisp & tender. An all-around great carrot. 8 gram packet. Approximately 400-1200 seeds per gram.

Carrot Jaune du Doubs (23-40)

$3.50 - $14.00
Yellow carrot from Doubs. An old heirloom variety from France, but grown in Italy. 80+ days. Long, conical root (6-12 inches) with very little central core. Excellent taste; very sweet. Appears to have some resistance to carrot fly. 6 gram packet...

Carrot Misticanza (23-42)

Three different colored carrots in one great mix: yellow, white, and orange. Great taste and color- very eye-catching! Sow from about February to June. Approximately 400-1200 seeds per gram.

Carrot Nantes di Chioggia 2 (23-7)

$3.50 - $6.85
Carrot Nantes 2. Long, 7-8 inch deep orange carrot from Chioggia region near Venice. Nice sweet taste and crisp texture. 75 days. 7 gram packet. Approximately 400-1200 seeds per gram.

Carrot Pariser Market 4 (23-41)

$3.50 - $31.50
Carrot Pariser Market 4. Small, round specialty type carrot. Tender and crunchy. Really pretty carrot and very popular in French markets. Children love these little round carrots as well. Does well anywhere, but really good and quick with heavy clay soil...