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Agretti (140-99)

$3.70 - $7.00
PLEASE NOTE: Agretti is rare because the seed has very short viability- plant in spring within three months of receipt. The seed will likely not be viable come fall.  ORDER NOW. Also known as Barba di Frate, Salsola Soda, and Roscano, Agretti is an...

Mache / Valeriana d'Olanda (140-3)

$3.50 - $10.15
Mache/Corn salad Olanda. Larger leaves than Cambrai, soft and tender texture with same great taste and cold resistance; survives zone 5 winters. For spring, fall and winter growing only. Use in salads to brighten up other greens. One of the best tasting...

Mache / Valeriana Verte de Cambrai (140-6)

$3.50 - $10.15
Mache or Corn Salad. Fabulous winter & spring salad green with incredible cold resistance. It survives zone 5 winters. Forms a small head with large round leaves, soft and tender texture with nice mild taste. In Italy they often serve a salad made up...