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Radish Daikon (112-42)

A huge winter radish with a mild, sweet flavor when grown in cool weather. Great for pickles, stir fry, or fresh eating. Roots can grow 2” in diameter by a foot long. Daikon is reputed to have many therapeutic benefits as well as a great flavor. 12...
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Radish Gaudry 2 ( 112-3)

Small round salad radish with a red neck and white base. Slow to go woody. Sow Feb-Jun and Sep-Oct. Large packet. Approx. 1800 seeds. For a smaller quantity, the same variety can be found in the Certified Organic collection here: https://www...

Radish Rapid Red Sanova (112-29)

$3.50 - $5.80
Radish Rapid Red Sanova. Small round salad radish with a red neck and white base. Slow to go woody. Nice taste & texture. Quick growing-26-29 days. For spring & fall.

Radish Zlata (112-36)

$4.50 - $16.65
A radish variety from Poland. The color on the package is misleading. Although zlata means gold, we would describe it as more of a golden brown, and not at all the eye-popping yellow you see on the packet. It's a mid sized salad radish and is of medium...

Ramolaccio (114-2)

Black Spanish Radish. A radish dating from around the middle of the 16th century. Good sized root with black skin and white inside. Radish is 2-3 inches in diameter, round, crisp & pungent. Sow Mar-May and Jul-Nov. This is a winter storage type...
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Turnip Bianca Lodigiana (110-4)

Turnip, White from Lodi province, which is just south of Milan. A very pretty turnip with excellent taste. Turnips are a major vegetable in Northern Italy.  Approx. 5000 seeds, 12 gram packet. 

Turnip Rapa di Milano Colletto Viola (110-14)

$3.50 - $7.25
Turnip, Violet Top from Milan. The most popular turnip in Italy. It has a flat, red/purple top above soil line and a white bottom. The greens are nice also.  Excellent, very sweet taste and texture. Grow them year round. 60 days or so. Approx. 5000...