Cavolo Broccolo Spigariello Franchi (DBO 25-26)

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Spigariello Neopolitan "Friarielli" Brocoletti. This is a type of flowering-headed broccoli, unlike the Cima di Rapas which are flowering headed turnips. They have a sweeter broccoli flavor. One of the most renowned vegetables in Italy. Fast growing, great flavor. Used traditionally on pizza in Naples with olives and chili in pasta dishes, or just boiled or sautéed and served as a side dish. Cool season brassica with a very long sowing window. Direct seed sparingly, in rich soil, and thin to 6 inches apart. Water conscientiously. Harvest 5 inches or so of the buds and greens. Should provide several harvests. 4 gram packet. 

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25th Aug 2014

Colorado success

Grown numerous heirloom varieties through 15 years. This gave me the best midsummer "head". Stoked. Tastes great, not dense with a massive stem like regular broccoli. Was able to trim away the flower and leave a still attractive plant awaiting side-shoots. :) As advertised.

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Additional Info

25-26 DBO