Radicchio Rossa Verona Tardiva Grumolo Type (40-72)

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Radicchio - Red Grumolo type. Tardiva means late. Medium sized head with good sized red leaves with white central rib. Good taste in salads. Sow Jul-Aug and harvest mid November-mid February. Pretty open head when young; if grown for fall harvest, will make a small dark red head. If cut in fall, but the root left in the ground, in spring you will get regrowth with little grumolo rosettes. If sown late in summer, in it spring will usually make new rosettes. 10 gram packet, approx. 6,000 seeds.


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Linda Nannizzi 29th Mar 2014

Cicoria grumolo rossa

I was not able to find the exact one I purchased from you in this list, but it is close! This is the first time I have planted radicchio, however I have been a vegetable gardener for a long, long time. I planted it early last summer. It was slow to mature. Due to our hot summers it didn't really take off until the fall. One thing I was concerned about was the fact that it was bright green, and not the beautiful red color on the seed package. I harvested some in late fall and added it to our salads, and we enjoyed its flavor. It survived all winter long, and we experienced some 20° nights several times. It looks great, has some red blotches on its leaves now, and is about six inches tall.

Mary Johnson 27th Mar 2014

Roses of the Garden

Rossa Verona Grumolos was the first type of radicchio I ever grew. I was enthralled by how they lit up the salad and the palate. Grow 'em alone or mix 'em in with lettuce seed, they transform salads into a bouquet. These also make a gorgeous ornamental good for containers or growing around the feet of taller plants. These grow well both as a spring or fall/winter crop here in Central Virginia zone 7. I've sent special friends shipments of these for Thanksgiving, and the grumbles regrow in time for a gorgeous Valentines day display and late winter salads. I like Franchi Seeds for the GENEROUS seed quantities, the excellent germination, and long storage viability which is better than what I've found in radicchio seeds from many U.S. seed suppliers.

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