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Bean Anellino di Trento (59-26)

Anellino di Trento, aka Anellino Marmorizzato. This is a curved bush anellino bean. Green with red/brown mottling. Roma taste. Very attractive bean. North Italian specialty item. 100 gram pack (3.5 ounces). To see our growing guide for beans, click here.

Bean Boby Bianco (59-16)

from $3.50
Bean Boby Bianco. Green bush French type bean. Plant 1 seed 1-2 inches deep every 2 inches after soil has warmed up in rows 12 inches apart. Pick when thick as a pencil. 55 days. Make small plantings every 10 days for continuous harvest. Cook with olive...

Bean La Victoire (59-42)

from $3.50
Bean La Victoire. Bush type intense green French bean. 50-55 days. Beautiful, slim, tasty, very dark green bean; slimmer and darker green than Boby Bianco. Good producer. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best eating quality and to encourage more...

Bean Marconi Green Bush (59-41)

from $3.50
Green Bean Marconi. Green Roma bush type bean. 55 days. Good production on upright plant. Very crisp & tasty Roma type beans. Pick when small. Succession plant every three weeks for continuous harvest. Plant 1 seed 1-2 inches deep every 2 inches...

Bean Mereville di Piemonte (60-25)

Bush snap bean. 58 or so days. Vigorous plant with heavy foliage produces slightly curved beans, 5-7 inches long, with yellow pods streaked with violet . Beans turn solid yellow when cooked. Productive. Excellent taste. 35 gram packet. Approx. 100 seeds...

Bean Rocquencourt (60-23)

from $3.50
Bean Rocquencourt. Yellow bush French bean named for the farming village of Rocquencourt near Versailles in France. It has been grown commercially since at least the 1930s and it remains popular throughout Europe. It has a smooth, buttery taste and stays...

Bean Slenderette (59-76)

from $6.00
Bush type intense green bean. 50-55 days. Slim, tasty, very dark green bean. Good producer. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best eating quality and to encourage more production. A SMALLER PACKET OF THIS VARIETY IS AVAILABLE HERE. Large Packet =...

Bean Vanguard (59-51)

from $3.50
Bean Vanguard. Long, round, dark green bush bean. Tastes almost as good as a pole bean. I brought them in based on a customer's recommendation: "Best bean he had ever eaten." He was right. They are as good as they get. 40 gram packet. Approx. 100 seeds...

Bush Bean Top Crop (59-36)

Dwarf French bean. Ideal for indoor and urban growing. This variety produces plants about 50-60cm tall with brown seeds. Really productive plant with pods of 14-15 cm in length. Green, straight, pencil pod, very meaty and stringless. 100 gram pack...