Bean Smeraldo (57-45)

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Pole Bean Smeraldo. Long flat roma type from Northern Italy. Pale green and stringless. Excellent taste & texture. Has a very good reputation for production. 30 gram packet. Note: 100 gram packet is actually 170 grams.


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Steve Deuel 5th Sep 2017

My favorite "go-to" beans

Every year I try new types of beans, but the Smeraldo will always be one of my core group of vegetables I plant year after year. Great taste, great producer! Here to stay!

Suzie Mendelson 28th Jul 2017

Hard to find Roma Green Bean

Well, maybe not hard to find anymore. Other companies do not offer the seed quality or quantity that is Franchi. I rely on this beauty every year...and am never disappointed. It is just the best green bean there is. No thank you to skinny french "haricot vert". I like them long, fat and delicious.

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