Celeriac Bianco del Veneto (125-4)

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White Celeriac of Venice. Grown for its root which is 3-4 inches in diameter, completely fiberless and tastes like celery. Will store fairly easily just as you would a carrot. Cook in soups or stews, or use them in salads. @ 90-95 days. Grow as you would celery. Start seedlings about 10-12 weeks before set out date (two weeks after last frost date). Sow 5-6 seeds/square inch and cover with 1/8th inch of soil mix. If possible, keep the flat at 75 degrees F or so. Celery is slow to germinate and will take 14-21 days to germinate. When seedlings are two inches tall, transplant to individual containers (a six pack works fine). Transplant outside and space 6-8 inches. If using rows, space rows at 24 inches. Celery grows best in a fertile soil. Keep well watered. 3 gram packet, approximately 6000-7,500 seeds.


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Josh - market farm in the Pacific NW 13th Nov 2012

Wonderful Celeriac

I just did the first harvest of the celeriac and I'm very happy (although mine are no where near as beautiful as the one on the packet!). The flavor and texture is the best I've had and it has good size and shape as well (formerly growing brilliant and mars). Very sweet, and lots of celery flavor. I've used the tops in soups and just sauteed with other greens as a side, great results.

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