Winter Squash Lunga di Napoli (145-12)

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Winter Squash also known as Piena di Napoli. Very large fruits, ranging from 30 to 70 pounds! It has a cylindrical shape like a butternut squash, with a cavity only at the bottom of the fruit. Grey-green skin with orange stripes when mature. The flesh is dark orange and dense. Stores well. Flavor is delicate — great for gnocchi!

100 days to maturity. 4 gram packet = 12-16 seeds.


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Darlene 5th Nov 2016

Awesome! Awesome Awesome!

These are huge, long, green, and heavy. They taste really good. We had a yield for every seed. They were like it said 30 to about 50 lbs but we harvested them early so they probably would have gotten bigger. WE planted them late but next year we will plant them in late May. We are in North Central, Ottawa, Illinois. Grew fast.

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