Arugula/Rucola Selvatica-Wild Arugula (115-5)

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Arugula/Rucola Selvatica (Wild Arugula). Compared to regular arugula, it is slower growing (50 days), with more deeply lobed leaves and a more pungent taste. Scatter seeds about 1 inch apart. Harvest at any stage but best when baby: 3-4 inches. Make frequent plantings for a continuous harvest. 2 gram packet.


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28th Jun 2017

Predictable and wonderful!

Loved this arugula, came up faster than predicted, kept growing despite funky weather here in Oregon. It continues to come up in succession planting with as much vigor as the first batch.

Deborah Hayward 21st Nov 2014

Long harvest season

Here it is late November in Nova Scotia and I will be cutting Selvatica Rucola (arugula) for Sat. night pizza. This is one of many plantings since spring. This variety can not be be beat for both flavour and abundance. I got a lot of subsequent harvest from each planting, my farmers market customers loved it to, judging by how many bags they often bought. Deborah

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