Bean Mereville di Piemonte (60-25)

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Bush snap bean. 58 or so days. Vigorous plant with heavy foliage produces slightly curved beans, 5-7 inches long, with yellow pods streaked with violet . Beans turn solid yellow when cooked. Productive. Excellent taste. 35 gram packet. Approx. 100 seeds.


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Paul 11th Sep 2017

An absolute winner! My favorite bean.

I first tried these beans almost 10 years ago. I was first attracted just by the color, but once I tasted them I was sold for life. They have delicious bean flavor! They are easy to grow,extremely productive and, unlike most beans, tolerate a little coolness, so they are perfect for the shoulder seasons.

Helen Wong-Joe 25th Apr 2014

Mereville di Piemonte Bean

My favorite bean is the Mereville di Piemonte, why? I have been growing this bush bean forever since I first bought from Seeds of Italy about 10 years ago. I prepare the garden in early-May with store bought manure and I wait for about a week before I plant the seeds an inch down from the soil and 5 inches apart. Every year I grow about 15 plants and I will have beans all summer to end of fall. I called this the “magic” bean because it keeps growing more and more after each harvest. Mid July will be my first harvest. I prefer to harvest the beans when it’s around 7 inches long. It’s meaty, still tender and it’s great to sauté, to roast or to stew. I like to sauté the beans with shallots and olive oil with a sprinkle of garlic salt. Or I like to roast them in the oven along with asparagus, eggplants, zucchini, red bell peppers, olive oil and whole garlic cloves. This combination makes a beautiful platter to take to potlucks. Beans in the stew are delicious as well. This is the most beautiful bean I've ever planted and I will continue to grow them as long as I live. I just love the combination colors of the yellow and the violet together. The colors really make the garden very colorful. The beans are yellow with violet streaks and each bean has its unique streaks of light and heavy violet contrast.

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