Beet Chioggia (11-13)

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Chioggia. Pronounced "Key-o-gia" Round red beet with alternating white/red stripes inside. The sweetest beet you will ever eat. Even people who do not like beets love these. Tops are very nice and braised like spinach. Plant from date of last frost. Make succession plantings every 3 weeks or so. Pick when 2-4 inches across. 8 gram packet.


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brianM 24th Jun 2015

baby Chioggia beets not sweet

My first try at growing this variety has been a disappointment. Not sure why but the beets are not sweet at all. Plants look very good, but roots lack flavor. I boiled and the color ran out so maybe roasting would be better?

Holly 2nd Dec 2014

My favorite beet

I had this beet in Italy and it was delicious. I had to have them in my own garden. Over 20 years this is the marker by which we judge every other beet. Great greens. This makes the absolute best pickled beet. We grow these all spring and then again in the fall. Through the winter we have the pickled beets in salad. Beautiful inside and lovely outside. Roasted, pickled, boiled, sauteed always sweet and delicious. This is a great beet.

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