Chard Bionda di Lione (14-2)

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This chard has the very large leaves and thick stem of Verde a Costa Blanca, but the leaves are a lighter green. Excellent taste. Grow year round by direct seed or transplants. For transplants, 2 seeds/cell, thin to one. Transplant at 5 weeks anytime from two weeks before last frost date. For direct seed, one seed every two inches, thin to one plant every six inches. Space rows at 12 inches. Harvest outer leaves or cut entire plant. Make succession plantings every eight or nine weeks. 60 days from direct seed; 50 from transplants. Use row covers to keep away leaf miners in the spring (they love chard). 8 gram pack. Some bulk quantities available, call for more details.


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Paul Butler 23rd Jun 2017

An unexpectedly good variety

This chard grows well and is very tender, with an excellent flavor. I usually grow dark green varieties, but this one (pale green leaves with white stalks) has an excellent, delicate flavor. Grown in southern Vermont, it is healthy and matures before frost and has a slightly sweeter flavor after the first light frost.

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