Chicory Grumolo Bionda (40-27)

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Chicory Grumolo Bionda. Light green grumolo type for fall growing. Initial growth is an elongated head with large, rounded leaves. After harvesting, leave the root in the ground. In the spring you will get the beautiful grumolo rosette. 10 gram packet.


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Alicia Kelso 28th Mar 2014

Plant early fall, 2nd harvest in spring - saves effort with double harvest!

Prolific seeds. This is milder than arugula, juices fine if cut into 1/2 inch pieces so as not to clog the juicer expeller. It obviously can be braised, minced for soups or rice. I've grown it for 2 years, planting in October, harvesting only the tops because the cute rosettes like on the package show in spring. I also planted more in February 2014 to see how it weathers the summer. I live in the high desert (3500 ft) of southern California and the cool months are October through March. I have built raised bed planters and enclosed them with 1/4" hardware cloth and 50% Aluminet shade cloth, so it is cooler than being open to the sun. We'll see how long into the heat I can grow it :-) Paradise Farm, CA

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