Lettuce Radichetta Barba Dei Frati (78-9)

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Lettuce Radichetta, also called catalogna. Rustic country lettuce. Early & cold hardy. Good resistance to bolting. Long thick stems green serrated leaf. Open head will grow to sixteen inches. Not bitter. Lettuce taste but has the texture and crunch of escarole. Use in salads. Can also be cooked. Spring, summer, fall. Approximately 4000 seeds.


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Jason Oddo 6th Sep 2017

best lettuce ever.

This lettuce is great. Crunch, delicious, grows well in all seasons, even dead of summer with consecutive 80 degree days. Only lettuce that never bolted out of 2 dozen varieties we grew. Great for salad mix too, we got up to 4 cuttings off it, and the leaves are great at all sizes. Grows faster then most lettuces. The one issue is it pretty much won't germinate above 72 degees. Other then that, this lettuce is perfect.

Sheila 15th Jun 2017

Versatile and Easy to Grow

Grew in heat and cold, when other lettuces bolted or withered. Wonderful, very slightly bitter taste is great on it's own, with perhaps a lemon vinaigrette, or as an addition to a mixed-greens salad. Heavier texture gives a substantial loft.

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