Radish Mix (112-39)

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Radish Mix. Formula mix of round radish of different colors. Includes red, white, yellow and purple. Taste & color for the salad. 25-35 days. 15 gram packet.


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Holly 2nd Dec 2014

So Fun, So Colorful

One of the problem with radishes is that they all come at once. This is a great mix for having a variety of radishes all from one planting that are ready over several weeks. I always buy this mix to plant with carrots. Makes the carrots easier to find. Use 1/4 radish to 3/4 carrot seed. This is a great blend of colors and types. There are French Breakfast, purples, whites, yellows. My family loves radishes mixed with butter and early spring chives, served on fresh bread. I plant these in spring and fall. They don't take long.

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