Snow Pea - Pisello Rampicante Gigante Svizzero / Carouby (105-1)

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Also called Carouby and Taccola Gigante, this is a pea Mangiatutto ("Eat it all" - Edible pod pea). A real gourmet treat. Old French variety. Flat, slightly curved pods which are incredibly sweet. Classified as a snow pea, but not at all like Chinese snow peas. Matures in 65- 70 days. Pick when the peas have just started to swell for best taste. Very long harvest period, and they hold better than snow peas. Regular packet is about 2 ounces, contains approximately 200 seeds. 100 gram packet has about 400 seeds.


Reviews (2)

dana 1st Mar 2016

prolific producer but tough pods

Second time growing these and they produce like crazy but you absolutely cannot pick these large as they become inedible. Smaller they aren't very sweet. I'll stick with sugar snaps and will not grow this again.

dana 27th Sep 2015

didnt perform well for spring in california

These plants grew well in our spring here In ca but produced inedible peas. I may try these in the fall and see if they perform any better.

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