Tomato San Marzano 2 (106-16)

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Tomato San Marzano 2. 80-82 days. Indeterminate. Classic Italian plum tomato for sauce & canning. This is the standard tomato used to make sauce in Italy. Large fruit (5-6 ounce) & plant. Good disease resistance. 1 gram packet, approx. 250 seeds.


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Mary D 13th Sep 2014

Tasty high producer

I grew three of these in large pots on my deck. Though planted late (mid May), the plants really thrived (thanks in part to an automated watering system we also set up). The tomatoes ended up smaller than the Roma tomatoes I planted at the same time, but the plants were much more productive and the fruit was exceptionally flavorful. Great for roasting and making paste. Next year we plan to plant more of these.

Don 12th Jun 2013

Loaded vines

This is the first San Marzano type that have really been successful with in Central Florida. Great fruit, good disease and bug resistance. Fruits are plentiful, large, meaty and flavorful.

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