Turnip Bianca Lodigiana (110-4)

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Turnip, White from Lodi province, which is just south of Milan. A very pretty turnip with excellent taste. Turnips are a major vegetable in Northern Italy.  Approx. 5000 seeds, 12 gram packet. 


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Paul Butler 23rd Jun 2017

An excellent turnip variety, delicate and tender

I don't know how I got started with these, but I grow this variety every year. It has a more delicate texture and a more delicate flavor than almost any other variety. The young tender greens are fabulous as well. I pick these when golf ball sized or a little larger. I peel the roots and slice them thin and braise them in butter with a little maple syrup, and a few tablespoons of water till glazed. Delicious! Healthy and productive. In a year when all your other crops seem to be doing badly, growing turnips is great for one's self esteem.

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