Zinnia - a Fior di Dalia (358-1)

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Zinnia Dahlia Mix.  Zinnias are always a star in the garden. Pretty and nice for cut flowers.  They grow to 24 inches high or so. 75-80 days. Germinates in 10-14 days at 70 degrees. Direct seeding is preferred. Plant 2-3 seeds every 12 inches after the last frost date, thin to one. Can use transplants if you are careful not to disturb roots. Start 6-7 weeks before set out date. Prefers full sun/partial shade. 3 gram packet.  Approx. 300 seeds.


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Debra 19th Nov 2014

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I love Zinnias. I'm impressed with the size of the flower. Also the seed germinates really well. I would suggest you try Zinnias. Plant them in rows like You Plant your vegetables. Great for farmers market sells.

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