Arugula Olive Leaf Franchi (DBOS 115-4)

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Arugula Olive Leaf Franchi. Olive-leaf shaped leaves. Wild arugula.  Intensely aromatic, delicate, spicy, early and mid-sized.  3 gram pack.  Approx. 1,000 seeds.


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Catherine Vidaurri 27th Jun 2016

Olive-leafed arugula

This Arugula seems to handle the California summer heat very well. It germinates easily after a casual hand-scatter. Of course it makes a beautiful and fluffy garnish for platters, but I recommned it stuffed into sandwiches, and ground into pesto. Has the same peppery kick, but sweeter, and with a garlic taste at the end. Its flavors go through several stages in the mouth, a most interesting unfolding. We have had lots of compliments on it, most notably from our meetings of Contra Costa Winegrowers, to which we belong. I have shared the seed with a chef friend of mine, who loved the sample I brought him. Try it; you'll love it!

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