Bean Bobis a Grano Nero (57-15)

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Bean Bobis a Grano Nero. This is the famous black-seeded blue lake bean which has a reputation for excellent taste. Productive pole bean produces many round green beans with no strings and excellent taste. For some reason, seed for this is really hard to find. 35 gram packet. 40-50 seeds.


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7th Jul 2017

Tender and delicious

I was ready to give up on growing green beans here in Lane County, Oregon. The past few years our green beans have been turning flat and stringy. These Bobis a Grano Nero Beans were so very tender and not stringy for us last year. Looking forward to this years crop!

25th Jun 2015

Excellent Crop

Excellent bean - super tender & absolutely NO strings. Grew rapidly, very prolific, continues to produce as long as we continue to harvest. Planted seedlings in Mid April 2015 & they are fully mature & have already given us several harvests, with more to come! Planted in the SF Bay Area (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge).

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