Bean Vanguard (59-51)

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Bean Vanguard. Long, round, dark green bush bean. Tastes almost as good as a pole bean. I brought them in based on a customer's recommendation: "Best bean he had ever eaten." He was right. They are as good as they get. 40 gram packet. Approx. 100 seeds.


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Anthony 17th Oct 2016

Bush Beans

Beans seem to be doing well in our Florida garden.

Mrs. Chapman 4th Nov 2014

Awesome & Everyone Loved Them

I was given a BUSH bean seeds years ago by a friend who brought seeds from Italy over 30 years ago and I couldn't find my seeds this year. I was really disapointed so decided to try 2 different varieties from the catalog & 1 was these. WOW! They are the same variety my friend gave me and now I have them again. Everyone I shared these with, family, friends & co-workers said these were the best they've ever eaten.

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