Bush Bean Nano Purple King (59-77)

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A purple bush bean, early with straw-colored seed. Plants produce abundantly and purple beans are easy to find among the leaves. Pods are stringless and meaty. Purple color turns green when cooked. 45 gram packet.


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Debbie 25th Nov 2017

great freezer

Well, it’s now November, and we baked a casserole dish of frozen cut purple king beans that I froze in August. Mixed in a bit of olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano and a touch of salt. WOW! These beans are great freezers!

Debbie 23rd Aug 2017

Wow! Prolific!

These are crazily prolific for bush beans! I made the mistake of using the whole packet at once in a wide bed double row. Next year I'll do a single row, mulch well and stagger plant, unless I decide to freeze a lot of them (which I'll be doing tomorrow!). Gorgeous purple. This may be the only source, as other "purple king" beans seem to be pole beans.

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