Parsley Commune 2 (108-1)

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Flat leaf parsley. Smaller leaves and plants than Gigante di Napoli. Flavor may be a bit more intense than Napoli. Start from seed or transplants. 75-80 days from seed, 50 or so from transplants. For transplants, start 3-5 seeds per cell 8 weeks before set out date (several weeks before last frost). Either thin to one plant or leave entire clump to grow. Seeds are slow to germinate(14-21 days) so be patient. Soaking overnight helps speed up gemination. Very cold hardy. Will overwinter in most areas. 12 gram packet. Approx. 6000 seeds.


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Michele 11th Oct 2016

outstanding strong parsley flavor

Vigorous, healthy, with classic strong parsley flavor.

JJ 3rd Apr 2012

highest quailty of parsley with very strong aroma

When I opened the package, even seeds were smelling like parsley. I knew that I got the right variety. True parsley flavor with strong aroma. It's great pleasure to have real vegetables, heirloom, old time taste. Although parsley germinates slow, this variety has very good germination rate. I have some from 2008, they still germinate this year, it's rate is lower now, but still it's amazing for parsley, because it's said only good for 1-2 years. I grow some in the backyard, some in the pot outside, close to the kitchen and bring inside in the winter. I cut the leaves, and they grow more all year round. Franchi is putting lots of seeds to the packages, so you can even have more to dry or freeze. for test purpose, I chopped some parsley, put to icecube holders and freezed with some water, then when I needed, added the icecubes to the dishes, that was great, too. They don't have huge leaves like supermarket parsleys, but excellent flavor, aroma and texture, so I don't even think to try other varieties. I already got the best of the best anyway.

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