Radicchio Treviso 4 Tardiva (40-60)

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Radicchio, Treviso Tardiva (Treviso 4). An Italian favourite from Northern Italy and the first Italian vegetable to be issued with DOP status like Champagne. Needs the frost to turn red and easily resists sub zero temperatures. Compact long heads. Late, 110 days. Sow May-Aug and Harvest Oct-Mar. Long slim white stems with brilliant red contrasting tops. Direct seed or transplants; space plants at 12" in the row and 12-18 inches between rows. Time the planting so that heads are ready to harvest after the weather cools down. Best color contrast comes if you blanch plant with six inches of root in darkness for 3 weeks or so at 45-55 F. 4 gram packet, approx. 2,400 seeds.


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Tom in PA 19th Nov 2014

You can force Tardiva!!!!!

Plant this in cells, transplant out, let them grow. These are an awesome variety and fun to grow. Great science project. Two thumbs up

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