Zucchini Romanesco (146-11)

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This is a big plant, as are most Italian zucchini. This is a good producer of grey/green fruit with very prominent ribs. Produces lots of flowers over a long season. Can be transplanted for an early crop, but you need to be careful not to disturb the roots. Set 4-5 seeds 1/2 inch deep in a six or eight inch pot 3 weeks before set out date (last frost date). Thin to 2-3. Set out at three foot spacing in rows six feet across. For direct seeding, 4-5 seeds every three feet, thin to 2-3. Keep well watered until germination (5-10 days). 55 days to produce fruit. Pack holds approximately 50-60 seeds.


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Teresa G 31st Dec 2017

The most delicious zucchini ever!

These zucchinis were a JOY! The zucchini itself was the most flavorful and beautiful I have ever seen. (The inside sliced had this lovely mosaic look when picked market size.) They produced many zucchinis and early. I had zucchini before anyone else in my area! The one negative to these plants are their size. The full grown plant was 5 feet tall and it spread, taking up my entire garden! The thorns were very sharp ad I had to emerge my whole body to remove the fruit by the end. I had to pull them out early (and they were extremely hard to uproot). HOWEVER, I am still trying to figure how to get these in my yard, because the flavor was SO INCREDIBLE! I think they may be best planted next to a fence or in a garden where you can just let them spread.

Suzie M 28th Jul 2017

Really the best ever!

Yes, the plants are large. But oh my, this zuke is sturdy and delicious when it hits the fry pan. Nutty, buttery and can't find any seeds... Maybe I will let 1 or 2 go to baseball bats and see if the seeds are useable. Naw, I'll just keep going steady with Franchi seeds. Life is complicated enough, leave the hard stuff to the Franchi experts.

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