Zuchetta Rugosa Friulana (146-54)

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Zuchetta Rugosa Friulana — Wrinkled from Friuli. These produce an abundance of light yellow, "warty" fruit. They aren't beautiful, but they taste great and the flowers hold extremely well. This is the most common zucchini in the markets of Venice in summer.  4 gram packet.


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Debbie 22nd Nov 2017

keeps going snd going...

When all of my other squash were keeling over from disease and insects, these seemed to get sick, then pumped out more squash, then looked 1/2 dead, then started growing again, on and on. Yes, they did eventually succumb, but still amazing And TASTE?! Ugly as anything, but buttery, SWEET! Wow! Big plants, so be prepared.

9th Aug 2017

The best yellow crookneck

My plants outperformed and outlived all my hybrid squash. Much better than the American version which I can't grow because of diseases. And the taste,this is the one my neighbors ask for every time. Excellent in every way. Thanks GrowItalian

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