Bean Borlotto of Vigevano (56-12)

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Bean Borlotto of Vigevano. Classic bush borlotto bean for fresh cooked shell beans, soups. 70 days. Plant 1 seed 1-2 inch deep every 2 inches after soil has warmed up in rows 12 inches apart. Harvest when beans are plump & full. Succession plant for continuous harvest. 60 gram packet, 100-200 seeds.


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Chuck 12th Feb 2015

Great bean for kitchen use and for market

I have grown this bean several years in the north Georgia mountains. First it is not a bush bean as it will vine for 12 or 15 feet. The vines are highly productive and the beans are excellent at all stages. The immature green bean has a robust delicious green bean flavor, snapped. The mature, easy to shell beans, are great fresh or dried. Easy to see and pick when trellised; these beautiful beans are a sensation at the farmers market and with local chefs.

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