Chicory Barba di Cappuccino-Monk's Beard (40-65)

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Monks' Beard Chicory. Long thick stems which are white on the bottom and green above. Green leaves with serrated edges. 70-75 days. Best in Fall. Use in salads or cook. Space at 4 inches between plants, 8-10 inches between rows. 12 gram pack.


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Barbara C. 27th Mar 2014

Grandpa Emile's Lettuce

I was so happy to find "Seeds from Italy" and especially Chicory seeds. I grew up with this lettuce fixed with eggs, onions and great olive oil and vinegar. Seeds from Italy are great and one of my favorites is the Italian eggplant. Thank you for my beautiful garden.

Lisa 27th Mar 2014

Grows very well

I picked the monks beard because it's close to what I grew up with. If you like bitter salad greens, this one's for you, although we always prepared it with red onion, salt, diced tomatoes, oil and lemon, which actually cuts some bitterness and enhances it beautifully. It's our favorite green salad and super nutritious. It grew like crazy,-use the younger shoots for salad,the old ones get chewy,good for chicken soup though. We grew it in a 4' X 4' area and had enough for a salad every night from early July to Halloween, when the first frost hit. It grows like dandelion only without the flower so it doesn't spread to other parts of your(or the neighbors) yard. Lisa in Denver, Zone 5

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